Growing up birthdays were as special as Christmas and to me they still are. We’ve always made a really big deal about them. This year’s was just as special, well, actually more since Amelia was here to celebrate it with me. My sisters were off from work and together with my Dad and Amelia we went to the California Pizza Kitchen and to the Life is Good store to celebrate. Robert and Amelia took me to my favorite restaurant (The Depot) for supper.

1st Day of Daycare….survived by all!

Well today was the BIG day! It was my first day back to work and Amelia’s first day at daycare. First, let me say that we are very fortunate that Amelia is going to a wonderful daycare. Knowing that she was going to be well taken care of made the day go much better (plus, I’m picking her up and Robert is taking her, so I avoided the teary drop at daycare!).

Here’s a picture of Amelia’s first day at “school.”

Thank you for a great maternity leave!

I feel like I could not have had a better maternity leave. I spent tons of time with Amelia and with my family. It was so great to have time to be at home with Amelia and get a few projects completed (be jealous…I got all my pictures in picture albums!).

I got to watch my sisters become Aunties and my parents become grandparents, which was one of the most enjoyable parts of maternity leave. Amelia and I spending time with family was the best part of maternity leave. Also learning to s-l-o-w down and enjoy life was nice, too!

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking time to spend those wonderful days with me and Amelia. Thank you to Auntie Deidre and Auntie Dani for taking time from work and spending with us. And a BIG thank you to Robert for being the sole provider for the past few months.

Birthday Celebration!

Saturday was my sister’s birthdays (they are twins). Since their birthday, mine and my Dad’s all fall within one week, we have one birthday celebration. This year’s was at Red Robin. If you haven’t been to Red Robin, I’d strongly suggest you go. The burgers are great (almost as good as the Depot’s). Here’s a picture of Amelia, Robert and me. I wish I would have gotten a big group picture. Hopefully Danielle will post a few pictures on her blog!

Bottle Obsession

Hi, my name is Donita and I’m obsessed with bottles.

If I’ve talked to you recently and you have children or have any connection with children or if you know what children are, I’ve probably asked you about bottles. I’ve asked which ones you’ve used, which ones you’ve heard about, if you like them, if they leak, etc. I’m absolutely bottle obsessed!

You see Amelia starts daycare this week and the bottles we’ve been using only hold 5 ounces, dilemma is that she’s taking 4-5 ounces at a feeding now, sometimes more, and since bottles are new to us (I’ve been breastfeeding and only using a bottle 3-4 times per week) I’m trying to figure out which ones to use. And the ones we’ve been using leak!

Honestly, I think I’m just having a serious case of “Mommy Guilt.” But rest assured my dilemma is (hopefully) solved! I’ve purchased, and Amelia is using without issue, the Avent Naturally bottles.

Superhero = My husband

Let me introduce you to my husband, aka the Superhero. I’ve called him that on several occasions for numerous reasons. For example, we’ve only had to call a repairman to the house once in eight years of marriage, because he can fix anything that in my mind makes him a super hero.

Well this morning he once again earned the name, “Superhero.” I got up to feed Amelia around 11:30pm, which is odd because she typically sleeps until 1, 2, or 3am. At 3:45am I sat bolt right up in bed and realized the baby monitor was not on (I thought I had forgot to turn it back on after getting up with her at 11:30pm). I ran to her room, which is comical because it’s less than 5 feet from our room and of course she is sleeping soundly until I barrel into her room. I take Amelia back to my room to figure out what is going on…the nightlight in her room is on, but the alarm clocks and her monitor in our room is out. Robert asks what is wrong and I tell him that everything is off and I’m confused because the nightlight is on in Amelia’s room. After feeding Amelia I come back to my room and all is working properly…Robert got up at 3:45am and fixed everything as he always does!

Thank you Mrs. Brown

How did I (the girl in high school who vowed to always be Peter Pan) become Mrs. Brown with a house, a good job, responsibilities, and a beautiful 3 month old? Let me explain…I stopped by Walgreens yesterday to pick up pictures to put in my brag book to take to work next week. The very polite kid (yes, they keep getting younger) at the counter asked me for my name, I said Donita Brown. I paid my $4.70 for my pictures and she said, “Thank you Mrs. Brown.” WOW! I appreciate the courtesy, but I left wondering how I got to be the lady you called by her last name.