Still thinking about goals 

This picture says it all for me.  This is how I want my year to be.  Joyful. 

This is a picture of my oldest, Bug, hiking up to the top of Mt LeConte last year.  I love everything about what this picture shows:

  • She’s ready.  She has her gear.  She has her pack.  She has her hiking boots and trekking poles. 
  • She’s determined.  If you could see her sweet face you would see the determination. She knew she would make it to the top.  
  • She’s joyful.  She has joy in her heart. 

I am going to model my year this way.  

  • I am ready.  
  • I am determined.  
  • I will be joyful.  

Here’s my daughter at the top of the mountain.  I will let you decide if she is joyful.  

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