Good Bye Crazy, Stressful Week

You need the bad days to make the good days, good.  This week has not been kind to my team at work.   However, each of them did what they needed to get a difficult job done.  I’m proud to be part of this team.

When I speak about where I work and where I work, I have such pride in my heart.  I was just speaking with a friend of mine on Thursday and was telling her about this week, she stopped me mid-sentence and said, “I know, you love your job…”   

Here’s out how I rebound from a bad week:

  • Don’t let it bleed into another week. Know that it will end.  Today is Friday.  Tomorrow will be Saturday.  Monday will start a new work week and one with new possibilities.
  • Help others. Find a way give back.  I was able to donate some pumpkins to my youngest’s kindergarten class for them to decorate.  It warmed my heart and eased my mind from the problems we had this week.
  • Spend time with people you care about. My family spent some quality time on Thursday night watching the Andy Griffith show (we are big fans of this show).

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