Tired and Full of Adventurousness


Is “adventurousness” a word?  Maybe, but probably not.

According to dictionary.com is it an actual word and it’s a noun.  I had to look it up, because who wants to use a non-word?

While I’m exhausted, I’m also full of adventurousness.  Last night, my sister and I took my sweet girls Bug (8) and Lizzy (6) to see Lindsey Sterling at TPAC in Nashville.  The concert started at 8:00 pm with an opening act and the amazing Lindsey Sterling went on the stage at 9:00pm…you may be pausing here to say, why in the world would you take a kindergartener and a third grader to a concert on a school night?  Well, that’s a good question, but that is where being adventurousness comes in.  And to answer that question, I will say, because that is one of the points of life, to live it.



Let’s be adventurousness.


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