Find Someone Today and Be Helpful

Some morning are tough.  Period. 

Sometimes it’s me. 

Sometimes it’s them. 

Sometimes it’s all of us. 

Earlier this week it was them.  Everything was a struggle. 

When we finally got into the car {late} I was already at my limit and told my oldest to find someone to me helpful with today and help the because she sure was not helpful to me getting every bring to the car. 
She took this to heart. She found someone to help. That day. She was the light. 

A few days later, as we were getting in the car to go to school I noticed my oldest was busy as a little bee. She had carried my iPad, coffee, and bag to the car.  She was being helpful. She was my light.  It was a proud moment for me. It was a balancing moment for me because as proud of her as I was I also had my youngest melting down because she could not find the right belt to wear with her jeans (she’s 5, and really is already more fashion focused than all of us in the house).  

I appreciate these balancing moments. 

These are the times that keep me grounded. 

And proud. 

And real. 

And present. 

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