Month: October 2014

Mom can we pray

Bug: Mom I don’t like the thunder and the rain I wish it would never rain. Me: But Bug you have to have the rain if you like the sun got to experience what you don’t like to make which do you like, better….

Sunday night winning

It’s Sunday night. Laundry isn’t done. Task list isn’t complete. Kids are exhausted. This equals a Sunday night win, we had an epic weekend. Life is for living. Not completing to do lists.

Will you wake me up?

Bug: Mom, do you always check on me at night? Me: Yes, I every night Bug: Will you wake me up so I will know Me: of course. I understand. That’s the beautify of being a parent. You just do.

The hairdryer flashback

Last night I was drying my oldest hair and prep for picture day the next day and I had the most amazing flashback. I was standing in my great-grandparents kitchen and they had their old hairdryer out they were drying both my sisters’ hair….

The Glory Parenting Years

Sometimes I feel like I am in the glory years of parenting. Seems like each day is perfect and then we have another and it’s perfect, too. Sure there are plenty of not so great a days but those a very few compared to…

Slow Motion Day

Today has been one of those days I wish I could play again over and over in my head. A day that you need to think about in rainy, good for nothing days. A day where you are not sure how you got the…

Our weekend

New boots for the Littles </a Picnics and bike riding. And hearts. Aren't weekends the best?