Brave, Adventurous Summer

Our summer has been defined by being adventurous and brave.

There were 4 adventurous and brave things that we did. 2 of them are repeats.

Yesterday, Lizzie wanted to get her ears pierced.  I was amazed at just how brave this little 3 year and 363 day old child was.  She climbed into the chair and didn’t change her mind, flinch or act nervous.  She had made her decision and was brave and adventurous.  I was amazed because of my two children, I think of her as the funny one, not the adventitious one.  Lesson learned.  Labels are for sissys.


The above was over shadowed by (thankfully) by a failed attempt to get both the Littles ears pierced a few weekends ago when I decided I could be supermom, take then by myself to the jewelry store to get their ears pierced.  Bug chickened out, Lizzie din’t want to go first.  A disaster of an hour, but thankfully lesson learned.  I can’t do it all by myself.

Beach trip – what an awesome beach trip we had.  If no/few pictures are a sign of a good trip, then we had one.  My sisters, my girls (the Littles) and I went to the beach for a few days.  It was an epically good time.   Another trip is being planned for our next sisters trip.  It’s amazing how wonderful this trip was.  A million written words could not express how great this trip was.



Hiking – where do I begin?  We practiced hiking all spring and summer.  Bug is an amazingly strong hiker.  She may have pee’d her way up and down the mountain (sorry for the oversharing) but we made it up to the top of Mt. LeConte via Alum Cave Trail with friends and family.  The bunny in the small picture below made it up, too…dirty, but made it.  The picture directly below is one of my all time faves – Bug told me that I knew everything about hiking, then kissed me – I couldn’t believe I could take a picture so quickly, but did.




I realize that each of these summer event could warrant their own post.  But thankfully, the whole summer was amazing.


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