It’s 11:15pm

It’s late.  It’s actually past my bedtime.  I’m working, which is actually pretty enjoyable to me.  I love my job, the company I work for and the people for whom I work.  

About 15 minutes ago Bug walked into the living room, sleepy and crawled in my lap.  I put her back to bed and she’s up again.  We are sitting here, I’m working, typing on my computer, wondering how many of these moments I’ll get.  Both my girls are getting older, not crazy old, but at 6 and almost 4 they rarely want to be cuddled.  Hugs are ok, but not the rocking of a baby or toddler.  

This is a classic #parentingisnot4sissys moment.  Can I bottle up this moment and open it and remember this moment forever?


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