It’s not their fault

Traffic was bad. My throat was sore. Presentation to give yesterday and I didn’t feel well. I stopped at McDonald’s for a cup of coffee to drink on the way to work, a rarity for me. But I know the warm cup of coffee would feel good on my throat and make it a little easier to give my presentation.

Since it’s usually easier to go in and order rather than going through the drive thru that’s what I did and I watched a valuable lesson transpire.

The lady behind the counter was very pleasant but busy. I was 3rd or 4th in line. Once I finally ordered, just a cup of decaf coffee, I had to wait until all the other orders were filled by the cashier before I received my cup of coffee. The lady in front of me saw her bus come and go and said to the McDonald’s employees, “you made miss my bus”. My heart broke a little when hearing this, we must be responsible for our own actions.

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