There is NO Quit

Lizzie stood there, with tears running down her face, arms lifted up for me to grab her. I told her to go back to her class. My heart was breaking. We have started a new gymnastics class and Lizzie isn’t adjusting well, not well at all. Two classes down and it’s the same thing each time – tears and arms up for me to hold her. But she comes from a family who doesn’t quit – if you quit once it makes all the other times easier to quit – and we don’t raise quitters.

Later that class (maybe 10 minutes later) she was giggling and doing a great job. What would have happened if I would have told her it was ok to quit – would she push through and keep going on future activities? Getting out of your comfort zone, even at 3, is an important life skill. It’s also an important life skill to know that your parents / friends / church / God / support group will always be there to watch you succeed, but they shouldn’t be there to let you quit. Never quit. Never make quitting easy.


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