The Hidden Waterfall

It’s gross out today. Rain, storms, lightening, thunder, flash floods. You get the idea. But there’ a hidden waterfall somewhere. Let me explain.

I started loading up my car this morning with all the stuff that is required on a Monday: daycare bag with cot sheets, two sippy cups, breakfast for the Littles, kindergarten backpack, school lunch box, umbrellas, etc. It was raining like crazy and I began the process of grabbing rain jackets and umbrellas and it reminded me of the hidden waterfall a few years ago I a hike to Mt. LeConte with my Dad and life-long friends.

The forecast that day wasn’t great for hiking, rain and storms with possible hail. Not only was it not a great day for a hike but it could be a little dangerous. But hiking up to the top of Mt. LeConte is once a year and the risk was low of bad weather in the summer season.

The hike wasn’t too bad until lunch time, we dined (ha!) at our favorite lunch spot, quickly, because that’s when it started to rain and hail. The entire rest of the hike was difficult – enduring rain and hail, but Dad and I made it. The best part of the hike, seeing the most wonderful, magical waterfall to the right of the trail that only appears (I know this because I’ve hiked this trail many times) when it’s pouring the rain – it looked like something out of one of the Lord of the Rings movie. We could have turned around that day at lunch time and said we’d never make it in the rain or we could have decided to not start the trail due to the weather – but we did neither. We made it, we hiked it and we found a waterfall in the midst of the rain.

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