Month: March 2013


This picture makes me smile, today, but not yesterday when the picture was taken. These girls were crazy this weekend. And I do mean crazy! But they were crazy together. They got into trouble together, didn’t listen or obey and they did that together….

Happy birthday to my sweet Bug

Bug, Today you are 5. You are smart, silly, giggly & sweet. Living life wide open. When asked what kind of day you are going to say you either say “happy” or “funny”. You are sounding out words and will be reading soon. It’s…

I call this one….

I call this one, “don’t bother us while we are playing”  

Bright spot in the day

Special treat for this kid today for no reason. Because it’s Tuesday or because she’s so stinking cute. Because her sister is eating pizza with her daddy. Because fun moments are lived, not planned. I want to live more like her, 2 years old…


We finally made the kindergarten decision. It was tough. But it now done. Private is what we choose. It’s a departure from how we(Super & I) grew up, but we feel that it will be the best for Bug. We have no expectations and…