Month: February 2013

Our weekend, typically, normal & perfect

Some outside time And some crazy indoor time And some project time All of it real, all of it perfect. Perfect not because it was perfect, but because we were all together & that’s what matters the most.

Valentine’s Day as a Picture

Oh the Things They Say

Me: Bug, I am so glad God gave me you. Bug (age 4): I am so glad God gave me my boyfriend. Later that day, Me: Your Daddy is my valentine. Bug: Lizzie is my Valentine. Memories are made, not planned.

$3.61 of Happiness

For $3.61 I was the hero today. My girls may never know that some people fill their frozen yogurt cups to the top, we just barely get enough to cover the bottom of the cup. But how much doesn’t matter, it’s the act of…

Their Happy Place

For some weird reason Bug has always been stand off-ish to Danielle. Could be because we sound exactly alike (even my dad has a hard to telling us apart on the phone). Could be because Bug knows and has always known how to push…