Children’s Symphony

The Littles, me and their “Mimi” went to the children’s symphony today.

Here is how I thought it would go:
-the Littles would be on their best behavior
-it would be the perfect day
-the Littles would sit perfectly still
-people would compliment me on my obvious fantastic parenting because my children were so good during the concert
-Bug would declare her love for classical music and beg for a violin

Here is how it really went:
-we got there an hour earlier than we should have because I didn’t look at the ticket time
-we spent an hour playing at the Nashville Library to kill time (total win in everyones’ book)
-the lines were long for all the pre-stuff (instrument petting zoo, Santa, and crafts)
-we had no idea where inside the symphony we were going and got to our seats very early (do you see a trend?)
-Bug loved it, as did her Mimi
-Lizzie had to go potty three times in 45 minutes
-Lizzie hated it and was so glad to leave

Here is how I will remember it:
-it was an epic day because Mimi said it was the best birthday she has ever had, total win

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