Month: October 2012

A 4 miler & trunk or treat

What a weekend. That is last weekend. The girls and I “did” a 4 miler on Saturday with a few friends. Namely the same sweet friend who I trained and “did” the half marathon a few weeks back. BTW that means we walked it,…

Sharing Nerds

My sister sent me this picture titled “sharing nerds” which at first I thought she meant we were nerds that shared, not that we were actually sharing the candy “nerds” File this under “random”

Cover up, just one time

This kid says every night, “cover up, just one time” about one more time than necessary. But that’s her phrase at this stage of her life. And we do cover her up, just one more time, because that’s what we do.

Skinned knees

I thought about Lizzie Lou all day. She skinned and bruised both knees walking into daycare this morning. I cleaned her up and her sweet sister held her hand. She was fine when I left her with her sweet teacher, but there was a…


Growing up, we camped. I cherish those memories. We did it frill free. In a tent. My sweet Dad & three girls. My husband also grew up camping with his family, which means our girls were destined to be awesome campers. I like to…


I love this kid’s silliness. She can find silly anywhere.


Don’t get in her way. Lizzie Lou’s concentration is serious.