Things the Littles Are Saying

– I for left it=which means, I left it or I forgot it. I guess that makes sense to a four year old.
– It twirls good=this is said when putting on a dress or skirt. If it twirls good then it is a successful outfit.
– I want to wear a dress=this is always in our house.

Lizzie Lou:
– I do it=because she has to do everything herself now.
– I missed you, too=this is said more frequently than I wish.
– sorry=said anytime she does something she shouldn’t.
– I can’t =this makes my blood boil and I would like to take this from her vocabulary.
– eat a hot dog?=because all meals for Lizzie should contain a hot dog.
– I told you no be good= this should be, “I told you no, be good” but Lizzie runs it all together.

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