Happy Birthday to These Girls

Happy birthday to my sisters who are twins. Even though they are geographically apart this year, their connection is stronger than the miles that separate.


The picture above was taken several years ago and I can clearly remember when they changed my life forever.

I was so proud to be a big sister. And I still am.

When my sisters were born my mom & the girls can home from the hospital but my mom had to go back. My sweet dad, not knowing what else to do, enlisted the help of his sister who lived closed. The three of us went to her house, newborn twins and a hyperactive 5 year old. It was in this life event that I learned the power of a grudge. My sisters were so small, but they were mine and I wanted nothing more than to take care of them, but I wasn’t allowed to touch them.

Thankfully it only took me 30 years to release that grudge.

Happy birthday to my sisters.

Love you!

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