Yesterday, Bug, Bug’s Mimi and I went to see “The Lorax”.  It was a movie that played to my heartstrings, a movie (first a book) about trees being cut down.  Oddly enough I had bought Bug a tree seedling for Valentines Day but we didn’t give it to her (she got more presents than she needed and we put it back for another occasion).

On the way home from the movie Bug asked if we could plant a tree. My response was “yes, of course!” and suddenly remembered the Valentines Day gift. This was truly a teachable moment, one that gave me the opportunity to tell Bug why it’s important for us to recycle (guilty of not doing it enough) and to buy socially & environmentally responsible products as much as we can. It really sounds like a very mature conversation, but it wasn’t and it lasted all of 20 seconds and we were opening the package of the seedling and watering it.

If you are interested in the movie and want an opinion, I thought it was great, had a nice story, but should be avoided if you don’t like a movie with a heavy message. Thankfully it also has great music and a lot of it and can keep the attention of the under 5 year old set.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.Dr. SeussThe Lorax



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