Month: February 2012

Sometimes The To Do List Must Wait

Because sometimes living life is more important than getting things done.

May I Not Forget

  May I never forget just how awesome this age is, almost 4 as she sits on the couch with plastic yellow high heels, princess crown and monkey footie pajamas.

Enabling a Leader

“Urg, we MUST stop Bug from challenging everything I say!” I fumed one evening to Super. Super retorted, “She will always be a leader, we must enable her to be the best leader possible.” Wow, glad I married the smart guy. #parentingIsNotForSissys

Do It Until You Get It Right

My sweet Dad (@mtlecontepapaw on Twitter) lives Ground Hog Day. I meant to type loves, but in thinking he actually lives it, too. He is the example of do it until you get it right. I think his love of it comes from the…