When Did I Become a Sissy?

When did I become a sissy?  I don’t ever remember being a sissy before, but parenting has made me wonder if I am.  I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Nashville International Airport, wondering how I got to be such a sissy.  There I now have typed “sissy” 3 times.

I’m waiting for my flight for a business trip and challenging myself to not cry.

5 years ago, I traveled almost every week, it was sorta fun, but I rapidly decided I wasn’t a road warrior and wanted to settle down and add to my little family.  It’s been more than 6 years since I traveled for work.  After leaving my very capable Superhero husband with my two precious babies after lunch today, I cried almost the entire way to the airport.  Truth is I’m conflicted.  As a mom of two very small children, I’m excited to have two nights away (that was a confession), but as soon as I pulled away in my car with my backpack and luggage for the trip my heart felt sad.

Here’s to looking at the brighter side of life.  For the next two days, I won’t have to make sure anyone goes “potty” before we get in the car or worry about a “diaper explosion” while out somewhere.

Truth I really am glad I have both those regular-life events in my life the majority of the time.

3 Comments on “When Did I Become a Sissy?

  1. Hey, just be glad you didn’t have to roll the car windows down to save gas on the way to airport, Proud of you 🙂

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