Dear Vandal

Dear Vandal,

You broke into my car today.

You smashed my window with a large rock.

You took the purse my husband bought me when I was pregnant with my oldest child, it was a big milestone – we had finally made it past the 12 week mark with a pregnancy.

You caused a happy hike to have an unhappy ending.

But you didn’t win.

Good will always win.

The End.


The Happy Hiker

PS – I’m praying for you, because you must need it.

7 thoughts on “Dear Vandal

    1. Love what you did for us today. Thank you from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Was so heartwarming to hear that you were at McDonald’s helping with my girls. You’re the best. Thanks kiddo.

    1. Thanks. It was a trying time. Everything was in slow motion. Felt like I was swimming in molasses. Thankful that I was with a group of very caring friends and thankful I got a call from Danielle at the perfect time. All worked out and will work out. So sorry that someone felt that was their only way to be productive today.

  1. I know what you mean. Our house was broken into back in May. Feeling violated was one thing, but to cause my daughter to be scared Every night for a while made me a little less than happy. Glad to hear you guys are fine though.

    1. Sorry you guys were broken into. It’s heart breaking to me that we have people in this country that feel that’s their only way out. I really mean it when I say, I’ll pray for them, I mean it. I really will. So sorry to hear you guys went through that.

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