Update on “That’ll Be a Deal”


We’ve had a really weird couple of weeks.  In a previous post “That’ll Be a Deal” I wrote about how Bug was having “potty problems” but the post was really about how she was able to negotiate a really good deal, a skill at 3 she’s working very hard to sharpen.  This was a post that I thought was kinda cute, until reality hit….this wasn’t a cry for attention, she was really having a problem with her bladder.

We started a reward system for her making it through the night dry….fast foward from the day of the post to last Tuesday.  She’s still having bladder problems and they’ve escalated from just night time to during the day.  After talking to her daycare teachers and figuring out this wasn’t something that could be fixed by a reward system we decided to take her to the doctor….which did nothing but scare the crap out of us as they gave her medicine that gave her night terrors (really it was the worst night of my life – she thought her toes were being eaten by spiders and ants were crawling all over her, makes me shudder just to think about it), sent us for an ultrasound on her bladder and scheduled us a visit with a pediatric endocrinologist (set for another month from now).  Instead of just waiting for the traditional approach to work, we decided to do something different…we went the natural medicine route.  I took her on Monday to a natural medicine person who tests the body for difference infections, etc and suggests making diet modifications to allow the body to heal itself.  Even as I type this I can’t believe we did this, but it felt like the right thing to do.

So why am I writing about this?  One simple reason, I’d like your prayers.  Prayers that we made the right decision as parents to go this route (this doesn’t replace the specialists appointment at the end of September, just hopefully will correct the problems and not just suppress the symptons until then) and that she’ll either grow out of this, it will go away or that she’ll be healed.

BTW – this picture was taken at the movies (before the movie actually started) when I took Bug to see the Smurfs.  But I think it shows how I feel like we’ve been seeing this problem for the past two weeks, as just a part of the problem, just like you’re only seeing part of the picture.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.

4 Comments on “Update on “That’ll Be a Deal”

  1. I just cried reading this sis. Your family is always in my prayers. I think you’re an amazing mom and y’all are incredible parents.
    I hope her body heals itself naturally. I hope there is relief and I hope night terrors never ever happen again.

  2. You got em. Poor Bug. I am sure she will get better.

    You may even try pushing to get the appt moved up. Worked for us one time for an MRI on Jesse. Squaky wheel gets the grease you know.


  3. Poor Bug! And mommy and daddy! I can’t imagine how scary the night terrors were for you guys! Praying for all of you that this gets better. And I would do the same thing – exploring all avenues to make my baby better.

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