THE Call – How Wednesday Really Went

“Hello, Mrs. Donita” – the Daycare Director said

“Yes, Mrs. A, how are you doing” – I said, then noted she sounded really, really calm, like it was a scripted call.  She didn’t answer my question…..

“Mrs. Donita, Bug has had an accident (what was going through my mind was crap, she pee’d in her pants and I forgot to put another outfit in her bag, I need to get it together and make sure she always has two outfits, bet I can get Super to go home get her an outfit and take it to school), she’s ok, I’ve cleaned her up and butterflied her cut, she’s gotten a treat out of the treasure box and we’ve fixed her hair and made over her, but she does need to go to the doctor and probably have stitches”.  At this point my world completely stopped.

“I will be there to get her in 30 minutes, or her Dad will be there in 15” I said…..I have no idea if I even said goodbye.  I work 45 minutes away without any traffic, plus a 10-15 minute walk to my car, but, it didn’t matter, my car would get me there safely.

I called Super, he answered and it was crazy loud where he was (he works in a manufacturing environment).  “Please get somewhere where you can talk me to and call me right back, Bug needs stitches and you have to go get her”.  “Ok” he said.

He called me back immediately, I have no idea what I said, but I told him that he had to get Bug and meet me at the doctor’s office.  He obviously understood me well enough to go get her.  I wasn’t hysterical, I’m not that type of person, but I was upset.

After an hour in the pediatrician’s office, we were sent to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.  Bug needed more stitches than the pediatrician felt comfortable doing in the office and she needed to be sedated before stitching her up.

Long story short, she got 5 stitches in her chin, was sedated and was given the best care by the folks at Vanderbilt.  We honestly couldn’t have asked for better care.

Fast forward to home that evening, a Red Box movie, popcorn and lots of hugs and kisses.  That’s how Wednesday really went, not how it was planned, for there are many that had children who have been hurt worse.




4 Comments on “THE Call – How Wednesday Really Went

  1. Proud of Bug, proud of you and Super. I still contend that Bug and Lizzy Lou has the best parents…. EVER!

    • Thanks. This parenting this is the hardest, most rewarding job I’ve ever had, and obviously, most important.

  2. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with pretty much all you said in your post, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, your post is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

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