Things I Have Never Understood (Random Listing)

Hatred.  I don’t get hatred.  I’m glad I don’t get it, but I just don’t get it.  To me, it’s just fear that people can’t figure out how to get past, so they turn to hate instead.

Mindsweeper.  I’ve never understood this game.  Or Angry Birds, but we’ll start with this one.  I knew a friend from high school (yes, long, long, long time ago) who played this game all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to play games, but this one I never understood.

Married folks sharing a Facebook account.  This one just really creeps me out.

Those Joe Montano shoes, Shape Ups.  No one, I mean, no one should wear these shoes. They look ridiculous.

Mandals.  Man-sandals.  I’ve yet to see a man who looked good in sandals.

Bonaroo.  Maybe if I were younger, I’d understand why people camp in an open field all weekend to listen to music.  I love music and love going to concerts and I love camping, but not sure I understand this one.  But I’m extremely happy people from out-of-state want to come to our great state and spend their money!  We need all the tax revenue we can get!

I’m sure there’s more.


What do you not understand?  

4 thoughts on “Things I Have Never Understood (Random Listing)

  1. I don’t understand people who thrive on drama.
    I don’t understand why people with no practical experience on life issues and subjects believe themselves to be the ultimate authority on those same issues and subjects.
    I don’t understand why gossip and supposition are so prevalent.

  2. Oh, I totally agree on the shared Facebook and Mandals! Thankfully my husband does not own any and my son owns one pair of croc flip flops – like for the beach. KB wouldn’t let him wear those leather mandals I don’t think.

  3. Uh oh. I have some black flip flops I wear a lot on the weekend. As to minesweeper. I totally agree!!! I simply do not get that game. I feel better knowing a smartypants like Donita’s the same way.

  4. I don’t get people who thrive on being better than others.
    I don’t get how being different makes you better than others, it’s just being different.
    I wish my boyfriends sandals would dissappear but I pick my battles…. and he will wear almost anything I suggest. so there is that.
    I didn’t know my sandals were shapups. but they have been then only thing I can wear with a bruised heel.
    I wanna go to bonnaroo….. love you!

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