Dear Lizzy Lou: Please stop itching.


Dear Lizzy Lou,
You’ve had a rash on your face for over 4 months and you are not even 10 months old. You itch all the time, but I promise, we’ll make you feel better.  Today your Dad and I took you to the Pediatric Dermatologist.  We didn’t learn anything new, not really, but here’s what we were told:

Start weaning you from the bottle to a sippy cup as soon as possible.  Doc thinks that the bottle is aggravating your skin rash on your face.  Will start the sippy cup tonight.  You will love it, I just know it.

Get rid of the pacifer.  You don’t use it much, really just church and a occasionally at home  You won’t miss it, your sister never did, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

We need to start giving you a bath ever night, no soap, just the water.  Also, we need to slater you up in Crisco (plan, not the butter kind), because it’s a great moisturizer.  Guess I’ll start buying it in bulk.

You have a milk and egg allergy, but not allergic to dogs, dust mites, or wheat.  Doc said you could probably have things with milk and eggs in them in when you’re 18-24 months.  And may be able to eat them by themselves at around 3 or 4.  Since you’ve never really had these things, you won’t miss it.  It will be a big adventure to find new items for you that don’t contain milk and eggs.  We’ll find you some really cool food to try.

You can start taking liquid Zytrec and Benedryl as needed.

We were given instructions on how to use an epi-pen today.  This is precautionary.  But we have / will have two and where ever you go, your pens will go.  This breaks my heart a little, but we’ll figure it out.

Really, I’m trying to be as positive as possible, when all I really want to do is hold you in my arms, not ever let go, not let you out of my reach and hunker down, go off the grid and make all your food until you turn 30.  But that wouldn’t be healthy for either of us.



5 thoughts on “Dear Lizzy Lou: Please stop itching.

  1. Bless your heart. I hate that both of you are having to deal with this. Hopefully she will grow out of this allergy quickly and not have any complications until then.

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