And the Reason He’s Called Super

Super, aka – the best husband in the world, and called “Super”, short for Superhero has been working crazy hours for the last month.


Really, he’s been working like this for the last year.  I guess if I was really being honest, he’s been working like this for as long as I’ve known him.  Tuesday, he surprised me.  Over the weekend we purchased a new dishwasher….ours wasn’t broke, but it wasn’t getting the dishes clean and there was a sale.  Dishwasher researched and purchased, as a result.

Tuesday was a hard day for me, just tough for a lot of reasons.  Tuesday was my “Monday” and Mondays are hard for me for me after spending the weekend with the girls and of course Super, Mondays always leave me a little teary and emotional (true story).

I got into work late on Tuesday after taking both the girls to the doctor and had to stay later than I wanted to get a few things done.  Super picked up the girls, fed them dinner, AND installed the dishwasher. I came home to have my pity-party only to realize that sometimes you just have to move on and get over yourself….or have someone whose Love Language is acts of kindness.



3 Comments on “And the Reason He’s Called Super

  1. He is a great catch. Glad you have a superhero because you deserve it 🙂

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