Kroger, You Won’t Beat Me!

Saturday morning was and typically are very busy in the Brown Home. This Saturday was little busier because I ran a race before taking Bug to dance class. After the race, I grabbed the girls and we headed out to Bug’s weekly ballet class. After ballet class, which by the way didn’t go so well, we traveled over to the local Kroger. To set the stage, I didn’t have my list or coupons in a great organized manner, but it was do-able and honestly I was more than a little upset with Bug for not being good in dance class.
This was the first time I had taken both girls on a long shopping trip by myself. We had gone several times just to pick up a couple of items and I thought this really wouldn’t be that much different… boy was I wrong!

Thankfully Lizzy Lou fell asleep about halfway through the trip (only after shreaking very loudly that can only be understood by those who have heard it) and Bug was pretty good. All went ok, until we get to the check out. Through our the trip, I had been putting my coupons in Lizzy Lou’s car seat, she was asleep and it made a great coupon holder.

As I started to put our items on the belt to pay, Lizzy Lou woke up and was pretty happy. I was busy unloading the groceries from our cart to the conveyor belt and getting a lot of help from Bug (which was fun for her, but wasn’t so much fun as she was throwing the food as hard as she could on to the conveyor belt).

It’s time to pay and I can’t find my coupons…. Lizzy Lou had started snacking on them!

By the time we had left she’d munched on about $7 worth of coupons, it was raining, and I was left in tears on the way home. Running through my mind was that other moms made taking more than one child to the grocery store look easy…. why couldn’t I do that, too?

We safely arrived home and I told Super that I would never again take both girls by myself with coupons, it was just too hard. Then I uttered the words that I detest, the defeated phrase, “I can’t do it” thinking it was just too hard.

Fast forward to Monday and my bus ride in to work had me reflecting about the trip. Was I really going to let this beat me? No, that was ridiculous. So after work I grabbed the girls from daycare and we headed back to Kroger to pick up the few items we’ve forgotten on Saturday and it was a success. I was better prepared, more organized and in a better frame of mind.

I guess I needed Saturday’s experience to make Monday’s seem good. It takes a bad day to make me appreciate the good ones.

2 thoughts on “Kroger, You Won’t Beat Me!

  1. Saturday was a success for Lizzy Lou and Bug, both had fun. Monday was a success for you. It will come when all have the same fun experience. I’m proud of you!

  2. Might be why I have taken over shopping duties 100% since Jesse was born. My wife. She is the tricky one I tell you 🙂

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