Month: May 2011


I envy Bug’s energy, she lives life to its fullest. I hope that I can learn to live like her, wide open….

I Just Already…..

One of Bug’s favorite phrases lately is, “I just already… ” which could be followed by “went potty”, “said thank you”, “ate my lunch”… you get the idea. There’s really no reason to this post, except to say, “I just already blogged, today.”

Kroger, You Won’t Beat Me!

Saturday morning was and typically are very busy in the Brown Home. This Saturday was little busier because I ran a race before taking Bug to dance class. After the race, I grabbed the girls and we headed out to Bug’s weekly ballet class….

Lizzy Lou

Sweet Baby Reagan has earned a new name in our house, it’s Lizzy Lou. It probably should be blue eyes. But why be obvious?