God Made Me Good!

Sometimes I just expect Bug to be good and read my mind as to what “good” means.

Most of the time, I try to tell Bug what I expect her to do when we go somewhere, what “good” means.

Our normal daycare routine has me picking up Bug, then getting the Little Sister. Before Bug and I go into Little Sister’s room at daycare I say to Bug, “I need you to be good in here. Do you know what good means?” Then I usually say something like, “Good means only touch your baby, not any of the other babies and don’t touch their toys.” This is usually followed by her saying, “yes, ma’am.”

Last week we started this same scenario, played so many times that you could almost see it all play inside in your head, except for Wednesday.

Wednesday, I started the “I need you to be good” speech and asked Bug “do you know what good means?” When she melted my heart and said, “Yes, momma, I know what good means! God made me GOOD!”

Thank you God for making us all good and for this very special reminder.


2 Comments on “God Made Me Good!

  1. From the “mouths of babes” comes the wisdom of the ages. That’s a better sermon than some I’ve heard in years past.

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