Month: November 2010

Monday with High Heels and a Tiara

Sometimes all you need to make the day start great is a Tiara and pink high heels! Happy Monday.

I Found My Thumb!

Bug was never a thumb sucker, but she also never slept longer than 3 hours at a time for a very, very long time. Thankfully, Little Sister (pictured here) does sleep, in fact she slept 9 hours last night.  She’s also found her thumb…

Smile on a Wednesday

Who Did That?

“Who did that?” Asked my two year old this rainy morning. “Who did what?” I replied. “The rain” she said. “God. God made the rain.” I thankfully replied. Thankful because I had the answer and even more thankful that her response was “oh, ok”….

Can I Have Fries With That?

This is ridiculous.  The City of San Francisco has banned Happy Meals.  They can’t be served any longer as currently packaged, due to their high caloric and fat content.  Bravo San Francisco, just what we need MORE legislation to tell us what we can…

Come Visit Me At….   I’ve moved, well rather this blog has moved.  Please visit me here.

Confessions from a Snotty Shopper

I will go out of my way to do business at a place where customer service is king. I conversely absolutely detest horrible customer service and avoid shopping places where customer service is zilch. Today, I purchased $65 from Babies R Us and didn’t…