Day at the Mall

Yesterday, we decided to venture out to the mall and spent the morning at the Twin Oaks Mall.  I had researched, before our trip, the mall and found they had a play area.  We figured if we couldn’t find anything else in the area, we could go to the mall and let Bug burn off some toddler energy.  When I first saw the play area, I wasn’t very excited about it….I’m obviously not a good judge because Bug had a GREAT time!


Besides the play area, we also discovered Dave & Thomas’s Popcorn.  I’m really glad we don’t have one of these at home.  The popcorn is sinfully delicious and we will definitely get another bag when we go back to the mall!



And of course, no trip to the mall would be complete with out a visit to the Dog Zoo, I mean Pet Store.  I felt a little guilty about taking Bug here, but she “got it” and asked me, very loudly, why the animals were locked up!



I’m also learning to set expectations before getting out of the car and to leave before there is a meltdown, I call it “quitting while we’re ahead!”

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