That Nice Man Fixed Our House!

This trip has been all sorts of comical.  What else could you say about traveling 650 miles with two kids?  This morning, I set off the smoke detector in our room cooking “easter eggs” (eggs if you’re not Bug) for breakfast (we are staying in an extended stay place with a kitchen)….

The maintenance man who came to our hotel room to fix the  room looked like Super’s Dad and Bug kept calling him “Poppa”.  He was very gracious about it, both turning off the smoke detector and being very kind to a hyper 2-year-old.  When I finally got Bug to understand that wasn’t Poppa, I told her it was a “nice man who fixed our house” and she said, “ok”.  Later in the day we say this man again and she said “that nice man fixed our house!”  Oh to be 2….

2 Comments on “That Nice Man Fixed Our House!

  1. That’s the gift of children, seeing everything through the eyes of wonder and innocence.

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