Why Are We Here?

You might wonder why we are spending the last two weeks of my maternity leave in Detroit. Well, the answer is easy, because we can! Super is here for a while working and we had the opportunity to come and visit for two weeks, so we decided to come.  When I traveled a lot, back before kids, Super would come with me on trips and we’d explore the cities I was in; we’ve always wanted to do this with the girls and this was our chance!

Getting here was the challenging part of planning the trip – how do you travel 650 miles with two under 3 by yourself and all the stuff for two small children? The answer is, you don’t.

By the way, that sweet face is looking up to her Daddy….how could you not make the trip up and miss seeing that face?


I had originally planned on driving up to Detroit with the girls by myself, until my sweet Dad talked some sense into me and I realized, even as adventurous as I am, that is a really stupid idea! So my mother in law offered to ride with us to Detroit and fly back the next day. This worked out well and I can’t imagine, in retrospect, traveling for 13 hours in the car with the girls by myself. It took both of us to get here, one to drive and one to entertain the girls!

One of the funniest parts of the trip was looking back to see Bug going crazy with stickers, she had them all over her and all over Miss R!


3 thoughts on “Why Are We Here?

  1. I know you are having a great adventure. Glad you had a safe trip up there. But we look forward to you all being home again soon.

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