Today Has Been Epic…

Today has been pretty darn epic. Epic in a good way and in a not so good way, but mostly good.

As a working Mom I don’t get to spend multiple “all” days with my girls, even on maternity leave Bug went to preschool most days, to stay in her routine.  So this trip to Michigan has been a little exciting for several reasons, 1) I’ll be with Bug & Miss R non-stop until we come home with no plans & 2) We’ll be someplace we’ve never been and get to explore for 2 weeks and 3) I’ve always wanted to take the girls hiking in places far away from home.

Today is our first full day here with Super at “work” at his temporary work home for a while.  We decided to check out the local library and see when story time was and what activities for pre-schoolers they had.  The goal was to get Bug involved in some type of activity where she could interact with other pre-schoolers her age, because this little social girl will need the interaction!

We found the library and it is the nicest, coolest library I’ve ever seen!  Sorry the pictures are blurry, but trying to keep up with this 2-year-old with an infant is not for the faint of heart!





The not so great part was the EPIC fit that Bug threw when we had to leave the library which resulted in tears for all and a very sore shoulder for me, due to carrying Miss R in my baby sling and carrying Bug at an odd angle kicking and screaming to the car.  I’m sure for the onlookers someone must have thought I was a horrible Mom.

Oh, and yes, that is my child wearing a puppy dog backpack and it is the kind that has a leash attached….we are in a strange town and I do have a very active toddler.  Before I had kids I judged harshly those parents who put their children on leashes, now I understand it.  I think I was a better parent before I actually had children!

3 Comments on “Today Has Been Epic…

    • Oh, there probably could be! I’ll have plenty of material for either a book or a stand up comedy routine!

  1. epic indeed. I kinda like the leash idea….

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