Where are you from?

I have been in Michigan less than 24 hours and have already been asked where I am from…. ha!  More on why I’m in Michigan later.

At breakfast this morning, Miss R was being very fussy so rather than be one of those parents, you know the ones that let their kids scream in a restaurant, I walked with her outside to calm her down. While outside a girl of probably 12 or 13 came up to me and asked what my baby’s name was and how old she was…. the standard new baby questions. I told her and her mom asked me where I was from, “Nashville” I answered.  She began to tell me about how her Dad’s cousin is from Texas and we talk alike. She then said, “you talk funny”, I looked at her and winked, then said, “you talk funny, too.”

Thankfully, this southern girl who talks funny and is visiting Michigan was able to get a good bowl of grits for breakfast.


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