1st 5k with My Girls – 49:49

Last Saturday, 6 weeks and a day after giving birth to my youngest, my girls and I a 5k. My friend Kristin ran with her daughter and we were all there to run with my sister Danielle.  Well “ran” is such a loose term term used here…..it was more like a fast walk with a few spurts of jogging thrown in, but we had a great time.  The girls and I finished it in 49:49, which was just under my goal of 50 minutes.

For months I’ve been visiting/stalking a B. O. B. stroller at REI, impatiently waiting for it to go on sale.  The stroller finally went on sale the day BEFORE the race.  With REI being my favorite place to shop, it wasn’t a hardship to go over to pick it up.  The stroller was perfect for the race and running with two little ones.  Thankfully it just does fit in my car!



Here’s my sweet new addition chowing down on her race fuel before the race.




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