TV, Caution a Rant

I am a not a supporter of censorship, it is and always had been a hot button for me. I have often said that if you didn’t like what was on the radio or television then you should change the channel. As a mom of two little ones, I am finding it difficult to even turn on the TV to any station other than Nick Jr (even PBS disappoints with such crazy antics as Katy Perry’s recent almost appearance).

After Bug turned a few months old, we radically changed what was watched in our house and when. No longer did I want to watch Criminal Minds and we certainly we’re not going to watch shows like that when she was awake. Fast forward to  watching football, which should be safe for little eyes… sadly not. One of the commercials played during a break was for a horror movie and the commercial was so graphic that Super had to quickly react (he was reading her a book) by holding the book where should couldn’t see the graphic images displayed on the screen. The image, briefly seen, scared her and caused my toddler to ask questions about what was on TV.

I don’t have a point to this point, other than I’m disappointed that football isn’t even safe for family viewing.

One Comment on “TV, Caution a Rant

  1. I sympathize. I remember what was on TV when I was little, of course that was many moons ago, and wonder what happened? Yeah, I watch some things that are out of the range of little people, but many times I think about what my grandparents watched and what I would “allow” if you girls were still so very young. I applaud your honesty and care about what your darling (and my darlings too) watch!

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