Questions From My 2yr Old

Bug has recently started asking us a lot of questions. Here’s a list of the super cute ones she’s asking:



  • Do you think about me? – I’m not sure where this one came from.  But my answer was, “Yes, I think about you all the time”
  • What’s your name? – Bug asks this question often, to everyone, me, her dad, her grandparents, her dog (who doesn’t talk, obviously) and to anyone she meets.
  • What are you doing? – This is the question she asks the most.  She asks this question constantly and repeatedly. I try to use this as a learning opportunity for her and ask her “what are you doing” or “what do you think we are doing?”
  • Where are we going? – If we are going somewhere that she is not familiar with she asks this question.  Sometimes this is followed by, “Are we lost?”

2 thoughts on “Questions From My 2yr Old

  1. Oh boy! That last question was one you absolutely wore out, “Are we lost?” We would be a mile from the house, or less, then off you’d go with the “Are we lost?” question, and might I add – Repeatedly!

  2. How sweet. My favorites were when my kids would ask question and I would answer them only to get the response “Why?”. After about 5 rounds of “why”, I would end with the standard – “Because I said so”. You are such a great mom!

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