First Outing Without Miss R

Tonight Bug and I went “Krogering” (that’s going to Kroger’s, for those not in the South), just us.  Super watched Miss R and it was just about the perfect hour away from the house.

This was a huge milestone, it was the first time I’ve been away from Miss R, since she was born (or I guess technically longer than that!).  This was also a far cry from the first time  I left Bug, which was a disaster, because I cried the 15 minutes to the gym, cried while walking the track, then cried the entire way home and felt like a horrible mom for leaving my 3 week old child and got home to find out that she had cried the entire time I was gone!  Thankfully, I didn’t have the same experience this time.  This time, I knew that Super would be just fine taking care of Miss R and that Bug and I needed an outing, just the two of us and Miss R slept the entire time I was gone.

I was amazed at how easy taking Bug shopping was tonight, how easy because I had both hands free to shop and entertain my 2-year-old.  We breezed through the store, like we were doing some type of crazy grocery aerobics, but still had fun.  Thankfully we only saw two people we knew, one gal from church – who I’m sure thinks I’m a moron or extremely rude, because I couldn’t think of her name for the life of me and couldn’t get the right words out of my mouth to thank her for her gift and a teacher from Bug’s school, who was in just as big of a hurry as we were.

One Comment on “First Outing Without Miss R

  1. Easier? Or perhaps more assurance that all will be well? Either way, congratulations!

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