Week One Complete! Hello Week Two!

Week one is gone.  Week two begins now.

Miss R is officially one week old.  This week has been all about life with a new baby and figuring out what our new normal is and will be.  It’s been hard to imagine life outside my house this week.  I had forgotten just how having a newborn clouds your view of the world through sleep-deprived eyes, all while being so emotional and thankful for such a wonderful blessing.  We have been so blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy baby bestowed upon our family and have been even more fortune to have had so many people stop by, bring food and gifts for both the girls.

Monday was a day of just hanging around and wondering what to do next.  Miss R is such a different baby than Bug.  Bug had a horrible case of jaundice, wouldn’t eat, sleep for a few weeks, then didn’t sleep for what felt like six months.  Miss R, rarely cries, sleeps pretty well and is a good eater.

Tuesday we took her to the pediatrician and found out her jaundice was much better.  Thankfully the lights at the hospital worked and we didn’t have to do anything else, such as lights at home, continued pediatric visits, etc.  She lost weight at the hospital, as all babies do, but had gained back 2 oz from the time she left the hospital on Sunday to when we took her to the doctor on Tuesday.  Babies are expected to be back at their birth weight by their three-week check-up.

Here’s her 4 day old stats:

  • Weight 7lb, 25% percentile
  • Heights 19 3/4, 53%
  • Head Circumference 13 1/2, 31%

Wednesday, Super went back to work and with Bug at school, the house was pretty quiet.  My Mom stopped by for a visit and so did a few folks from church.

Thursday has been the quietest day so far.  It was the first day with no visitors, which was appreciated because Wednesday night was the worse night, but also a little lonely.

On Friday, we ventured out to Super’s grandparent’s house (see the picture of Miss R in her car seat as we are getting ready for our first car ride, just  the two of us).  We’re hoping to get out a little more as she gets a little older.  Our pediatrician recommends not to take any newborn near large crowds, such as church, for 4-6 weeks.

Today, Saturday, Bug has gone with Super’s Mom to play at the playground.  It is quiet here without my two-year old running around and I’m looking forward to her coming home.  I’m already planning our first hike with Bug and Miss R.  It might just be a hike up the driveway, but it will be special.

2 Comments on “Week One Complete! Hello Week Two!

  1. I just fall in love with your sweet family all over again every time I read your blog! You are such a wonderful blessing.

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