1st and 2nd 24 Hours

Today has been peaceful, long, tiring, happy, and the “typical new mom worry filled” day.

Yesterday was a roller coaster, too, both days full of blessings.

Yesterday we arrived at the hospital a little before 7am for the induction. The whole labor process took from less than 5 hours. I will spare you the details.

End result was a beautiful healthy baby girl. We had a little bit of time with Miss Reagan then off to the nursery for the assessment she went. Basically from the moment we got her back, we were blessed to have nonstop company! All went well the first evening and little Miss Reagan and Bug got to meet! Bug wanted to brush her little sister’s hair and give her hugs and kisses.

The second 24 hours started out really well and we had a great visit from our peditrican. She gave Miss Reagan a big thumbs up, but wanted to watch her jaundice. We had problems with Bug’s jaundice levels and the doctor wanted to avoid the repeat experience. So after a great morning of peaceful time spent with Miss Reagan, she was ushered off to the ultra-violet lights. She has only been able to come visit every three hours to eat.  

We are waiting to see the doctor again tomorrow morning and hope that her jaundice levels have lowered.


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