Elevator Etiquette

I ride in a lot of elevators and am often amazed by how people actually in them and what is said.
Things that have been said to me in an elevator, while pregnant:
– you must be having a big baby!
– how much weight have you gained?
– your hair looked better longer
– are you having a bad day?
– is that really good for the baby?

I think elevator etiquette is dead. But as a reminder here are a few tips:
– never get on an elevator until the people getting off have exited
– push your button and then get out of the way
– a smile is priceless when given to a stranger or a friend
– if you must use the phone talk only as loud as you would if you are talking to a person live
– never discuss weight, medical conditions or gossip

4 thoughts on “Elevator Etiquette

  1. You summed it up perfectly Donita! The elevator is a stressful place. It’s hard to relax. You don’t know if you should talk or not, especially when it’s just you and one other person. I have found that a smile and even any kind of worn out chit chat goes over well on the elevator. Even “Have a nice day” is 1000 times better than silence. Today in that very situation with a woman I’ve never seen before, as we reached my floor, I made eye contact, smiled, said “Have a good day” to which she beamed and told me to do the same. Simple as that.

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