It’s Been 224 Days….

It’s been 224 days or 7 months & 12 days or 32 weeks or 5376 hours  since Christmas Eve, when I found out I was expecting #2 and since my last hike.  For those that don’t know, hiking is my favorite past time.  I feel the most alive when I’m out on a trail and have really enjoyed hiking with Bug.  Most Saturdays (before pregnant with #2) you could find me and Bug, along with my Dad and friends on a trail somewhere in middle Tennessee.  Getting out of the concrete jungle for a few hours.

Bug and I are already planning our first hike with Baby Reagan and have talked about how she will have to walk with me, hold my hand and really be good on our hike (hikes previously I’ve used a really cool pack for Bug to ride in).  Since we came back from the Smokies, she has talked non-stop about wanting to hike the mountain with her Papaw and her Aunt Deidre!  I hope that Bug and #2 will both share my love of hiking.

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