The Speeding Ticket I Didn’t Get

Yesterday morning I received a huge gift, I deserved a speeding ticket, but didn’t get one.

I was traveling down a long stretch of road, listening to my music too loudly, when I saw a State Trooper, too late.

I pulled over and waited for the inevitable, a ticket.  I think of tickets in a unique way, I figure most of the time even if I’m not speeding when pulled over, that at some point between my last speeding ticket and that moment, I deserved to get at least two, so I’ll just pay my dues, not let it ruin my day and go about my business and pay my stupid tax.

The Trooper introduced himself and told me that he clocked me doing 63 in a 50 and asked me for my license, registration and proof of insurance, which I handed over.  He also asked if I had any legal reason for speeding, to which I responded, “no sir”.  He took my information and went back to his patrol car.  He came back in a very short period of time and told me that he saw I had a ticket in 2005 and was going to do something that was out of character for him, he was not going to cite me.  I responded, “you’re not giving me a ticket?!”  His eyes widened (I think he was surprised by my reaction) and he told me that he would give me a ticket if I wanted one, but he was just going to ask that I slow down.  He also said that the reason he wasn’t giving me a ticket was because I was very polite when he approached the car.

I’ve thought about this several times over the past few days.  I appreciated the gift he gave me and hope I can pass along the gift:  Be nicer and slow down.

3 Comments on “The Speeding Ticket I Didn’t Get

  1. Sometimes it just pays to take the high road and do the right thing. Seems it really paid off for you. I think I know the stretch of road you just might be talking about – maybe the same one I travel each day with my cruise set. Troopers are out there just about every day.

  2. Your post makes me think of all the times, in life, we deserve a “ticket” but are blessed to be saved that indictment. Proof positive of grace.

  3. thats awesome. I try to really watch my speed but do the same thing, just get into the zone. Especially when music is involved. ha. good job sis.

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