Friday, Then vs Now

Fridays have radically changed since becoming a mom.

Growing up Fridays were about McDonald’s.  Friday nights were the only nights we went out to eat and we almost always went to McDonald’s.  It still has a special place in my heart.

In High School Friday nights were about football games.  I still sometimes long to go sit in the bleachers and cheer for Springfield High School Yellow Jackets.

College, Friday nights were about homework.  I worked a few different jobs in college and Friday nights, followed by Saturday mornings were homework time.

Once married, after college, Friday nights were lonely.  For the first part of my married life my Superhero husband worked nights and Friday nights were one of those nights when he wasn’t at home.  Sometimes my sister(s) would come over and we’d watch a movie and eat icecream or I’d just clean the house.

Now Friday nights are all about relaxing, watching cartoons, fixing a simple supper and just hanging out with the family.  Fridays nights rarely mean going anywhere for our busy little family and right now this is the perfect way to spend a Friday night.

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