35 Weeks, 5 or Less to Go

35 Weeks today.  I have 5 weeks or less to go before I get to see Baby #2.  This weekend was spent washing, folding and putting away all those little bitty baby clothes that I so quickly forgot about as my Bug grew from a tiny baby girl to a toddler.

As I folded and put away her clothes, I couldn’t help but think about this that hangs in her nursery.  Because she is and will be a dream come true.

One thought on “35 Weeks, 5 or Less to Go

  1. Yay! I cannot wait to meet baby Reagan! I am so excited to see her life from the very begining and to watch her grow! We have that same sign in G’s nursery and I just love it! It was one of the very first things we hung on the wall for HIM when we removed all the girl items. My eyes seem to wander to that sign frequently and I am reminded of just how special our sweet babies are!

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