My Heart is in the Mountains

3rd week of July is a special time for me and my family this is the Annual Crazy Mt.LeConte Hikers Trip.   This trip was a little different than was planned back in October.  Let me explain.

October 1 is when you can make your reservations for the following year for Mt. LeConte and this is my favorite place on earth.  We start calling reservations at 7:00am, when the phone lines open and don’t stop “war dialing” until we get in and get the reservations made.  You can’t really appreciate the total Mt. LeConte experience unless you understand how hard it is to get reservations for the yearly trip.  Not factoring in my upcoming delivery of Baby #2, reservations were made for me and the husband along with the rest of the crazy Mt. LeConte hikers.  Fast forward to being 8 months pregnant, obviously a hike up wasn’t in the cards this year.

It was important for me to go along with the group, even though I wouldn’t be hiking up.  Important for several different reasons.  I enjoy the mountains and I knew this would be the last trip where Bug was an only child.

When I found out that I was pregnant and expecting close to the date of the trip, my Sister and I planned to go with the group, while my hiking spot was taken by my friend/adopted little brother Erik.  This trip always warms my heart, because we eat at the same place before the hike for supper the eve of the hike and breakfast the morning of the hiking.  Sis and I had planned to take Bug and stay in a hotel in Pigeon Forge  while the crew hiked and just enjoy an indoor pool with my toddler.  Plan A turned into Plan B, which turned into Plan C and ultimately Plan D.

Plan D turned into a day in Cades Cove with my sweet Bug, Superhero husband and Sis.  Great part about the trip was that we got to spend time together and Bug got to experience her first Ranger Program!  We lucked into a Wee Ranger Program at the park where Bug learned about butterflies!

One Comment on “My Heart is in the Mountains

  1. I love that first picture on this post! I am not sure why but it just makes me happy! I love bug being held and just a profile picture of you and what is to come! Awesome memories of Bugs last trip as an only child…although I know she will be so thrilled to have a partner in crime!

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