So Struck

Yesterday was a tough day.  Not for any particular reason, other than it was just filled with lots of “normal” type of activities.  First day back from vacation (blog to follow in a few days), Superhero out-of-town for the eight straight week, Wednesday Night Bible Study, work  and a ENT appointment for Bug.

I had clocked my time in the car yesterday at 4 hours before getting to Wednesday Night Bible Study and pulled into the church parking lot, sat there and prayed, “please give me the strength to walk my toddler into her class and not leave the church parking lot and go retreat to my house and go watch Dora with my toddler because Dear Lord, I am tired.”

Then I looked out of my back window and saw my friend Becca was at church.  She’s a ray of sunshine in just her normal every day life, but what STRUCK me yesterday was that she and her family (they have a toddler the same age as Bug) were there AND they had just picked up her husband who had been deployed for the last 9-10 months just hours before church.  I was so amazed at this family’s commitment to church, when I’m sure they would have just liked to have been home enjoying each other’s company.

Thank you Becca!  Your family lifted my spirits by your presence at church last night.

One Comment on “So Struck

  1. Well I feel a little un-deserving of such a wonderful compliment but thank you anyway! I needed worship so deseperately that day. Without the Lord walking every step with me over the past year….any many years before that…but mainly this past year there are moments I have NO IDEA how I would have survived. I honestly needed that service to say thank you and to recognize that its not about me or my desires.

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