Special Birthday Lunch – Team Taylor

Team Taylor celebrated our birthdays on Sunday at Demo’s.   If you aren’t familiar with Team Taylor, this is the joking name we gave ourselves when running in 5ks last summer (5ks will restart in October).  Let’s just say that Team Taylor’s birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without REI and Starbucks  Bags used a gift bags and a cake (gluten-free, of course) decorated with orange and white icing (football season does start in 8 weeks!)

Fwd: IMG00066-20100711-1427.jpg

Growing up, birthdays were very special and also very unique.  My sister’s birthdays are 7/12 (they are twins), mine is 7/16 and my Dad’s is 7/19.  We all celebrated independently and my parents were very careful that we each had our own party (or at least that is how I remember it).  In fact the cards that we received were displayed like Christmas cards decorating the house.  Good time, indeed.

While I appreciate and am so thankful that I never felt slighted growing up and felt like I had to share my birthday with anyone.  I’m so glad that we all celebrate together now, because what do we really have if we don’t have each other?

3 thoughts on “Special Birthday Lunch – Team Taylor

  1. You never shared your birthday. Mine was usually a joint affair that I now wouldn’t trade for the world. Good times indeed. I love our week.

  2. Yes, every effort was made to make sure each birthday was it’s own celebration, as it should have been. So glad the celebration is all together now, seems “full-circle” to me and lovely. Mom

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