I’ll Pray for You

I just don’t know what to say.  The first time I heard this song I just sat  in my car dumbfounded.  What are your thoughts?

4 Comments on “I’ll Pray for You

  1. I think that who ever wrote that needed some major closure, or thought it was super funny… and it’s ment to be pretty tongue and cheek. I will have to think about it…

  2. It bothers me. Family likes it – says they can relate – to a point. But just bothers me, so much just sneaks into our day, we don’t need more wrong thoughts. But, hey what do I know?

  3. I hate it. I rarely truly hate a song because I think all songs have something to offer to someone….but this one NOT. I think it is really disrespectful to something so reverent to me with a bad twist. I do understand the “point” but still don’t like it and will not listen to it. I also have a big issue with a Kenny Chesney song…everybody wants to go to heaven…..have you heard that one? I can’t stand that song and refuse to listen to it either. It is really catchy and a great tune but I really don’t think it is appropriate to talk about wanting to go to heaven but wanting to wait to be ready and drink and party now. I am with Kaye…enough bad sneaks into my life daily that I cannot willingly allow more.

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